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21 June 1990
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Fan Fiction - Harry Potter

The Noble Emotions
This fic details Draco's sixth year at Hogwarts, going through the ups and downs of his life in a singular style that intensifies his angst and the desperate humor he sees in it. It also details a budding relationship with Harry, though it takes Draco a while to realize who and what it is he really wants.
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All's Fair in Love and War
Marauder-era. A lighthearted prank of Sirius' could mean the end of James' hope to ever win Lily's heart. Unknowingly, Sirius has opened the door for Snape to make his move. Humor, goofiness, cross-dressing. A fun story for the young and mischievous at heart.
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Good to Your Daughter
Fleur's pregnancy is nearing its end, and even though she has nearly everything she'll need to care for her newborn, she is uneasy and restless. One-shot.

All in the Family
Draco and Hermione have an "episode," and there's hell to pay for the two of them. How will Draco handle an impending fatherhood? How will Harry handle the consequences of his lover's actions? This story is a must-read for all Drarry fans, and those who liked their Draco just a little on the screwed side.
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Fan Fiction - Lord of the Rings

Progression of a Feeling
Pippin struggles with his long-buried feelings for Merry, and finally decides to admit it to him. But when Merry arrives at Tuckborough, he also has something to tell Pippin. Short, sweet, fanon.

Memories of Us
Aragorn is dying, and his mind is feeble and weak. Arwen, after having spent years as his wife and Queen, is torn apart by the thought of losing him. This fic details his last moments, and the memories of their life together that come to Arwen's mind as she watches her husband fade away.

The Courtyard
Faramir has asked Eowyn to wait for him in the courtyard of the Citadel, because he has something very important to tell her. Sweet fluff.

Original Work

A woman prepares to send her husband off to war, fully aware that this may be the last time she sees him. Angsty, one-shot.

Maybe Later, Maybe Never
An awkward meeting over coffee allows a tender romance to feel for its roots as a couple who never got the chance reflects on the past and finds a way to move on. Romance, angst, one-shot.

Love For A Child
A teenage boy feels the brutality of reality as the imminency of his parents' divorce makes life too intense to handle. This piece is hard to summarize but easy to understand: Even those of us with two parents know what it's like when they fight and the questions start coming. What happens if Mom and Dad break up? This. This is what happens.

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