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Oh boy here we go again! Another year another thousand things that are different another post. Hopefully I will be more willing to intersperse the gap between this update and the next with a few extra posts thrown in for good measure. I seem to have found my knack and my fondness for blogging again. It's a good way to get back into the swing of things.

So, life. Where do I start? For the approximately 2 people (are there still two of you?) who will probably read this, let me say that I apologize sincerely for my continued and prolonged absence. I know that every other year or so I pop in, ramble on for a few paragraphs, apologize and then disappear into the ether again for another two years or so. I'm hoping to make things different this time!

Here we are in the fabulous world of 2014. Where are the flying jetpacks I was promised? I've written very stern letters to the powers that be about this, trust me. For me, things are vastly different and yet completely and utterly boring. I am in a new career as a medication technician (basically, I pass medication at an assisted living facility for the elderly under the supervision of a nurse) while I'm on the waitlist at a nursing school in the area for my RN. I've been at my job now for about six months. Before that I spent approximately 3 years slaving away at McDonald's chasing the carrot that was held in front of me, the carrot in this instance being a promotion that was promised but never delivered. Charlie, who you both will remember as my adoring husband and unlikely companion, is still my love and my heart. We have been together for seven years, as of next month. We have the same two little spitfire hellions, Noah (who is now nearly six years old) and Elanor (who recently turned three) and they take up a majority of our time and energy, one of the reasons why you haven't heard from me. Now that they are both potty trained and the eldest has started kindergarten, I'm finding myself with a little bit more time on my hands and that terrible pressure I get in my chest when I absolutely need to write down my thoughts but I have no idea where to start. Lo and behold the powers that be have not struck down livejournal in the past three years, as I feared that they would, and I am able to return to ramble on and on and on, etc, as I am wont to do.

Oh, for those that are interested, I recently started a tumblr and the link to that is here: http://brand0new0day.tumblr.com/ Enjoy all three of my posts while I come up with something fabulous to write about over there.

And for the first time since Season 9 I plan to return to LJ Idol this year! Sign up is March 3; be there or be square! If you don't mind once the posts start rolling in, mosey on over there and vote for my entries. Thanks in advance to my devoted followers (I still have some of those, right?)

Okay folks I think that's all for now. Poke me with a stick every now and then to remind me to come back and say hello if you don't hear from me!


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Feb. 13th, 2014 10:12 pm (UTC)
I do remember you! I didn't associate you with this username though. It has been a long while.

I like LJ. I still use it regularly. I know other things have surpassed it, but I still use it as my main thing of this sort. I don't trust "real" updates on my life to LJ.

Anyway, it sounds like your life is chugging right along! You should be proud of yourself! :)
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